Response Plan Development

Forest Response Plan, Critical Incident Forest Plan, whatever the name the intention is the same, to have a plan. The thing about plans is that that if they aren't comprehensive, easy to navigate, and readily available when you need them, they won't work. Creating a response plan is an incredibly long and intensive process and … Continue reading Response Plan Development

Critical Incident Meeting Facilitation Services

Whenever there is a critical incident there is always a debriefing or After Action Review (AAR) to follow. Generally, these meetings take place after the dust has settled from the incident and it gives all parties directly involved the ability to reflect on the incident and/or the response. As you might imagine tensions¬†are high and … Continue reading Critical Incident Meeting Facilitation Services

Critical Impact Course Condensed Version

Although the full Critical Impact Course gives the most benefit, the condensed version can fit into tighter time slots for fire refreshers, crew/district spring training, cooperator's meetings, etc. The course can be condensed according to the needs of the audience; some may be interested in a portion of each section while others would prefer to … Continue reading Critical Impact Course Condensed Version

Critical Impact Course

It's important to acknowledge¬†that any given day in the forest has potential to end with a critical incident and successfully getting someone to definitive care is only half of the equation. Our medical scenarios generally don't extend past extrication, but what about everything that comes after that? How can you know what to expect if … Continue reading Critical Impact Course