Emerging​ Incident Liaison Mentorship

If you are involved in a critical incident which includes loss of life and are feeling ill-equipped I am available to mentor the designated Family and/or Firefighter Liaison(s) that may be lacking in experience. I am also available to offer guidance to Forest/District/Region Leadership in the same regard. The most important component of a critical … Continue reading Emerging​ Incident Liaison Mentorship

Mentorship/PT Training Plans

From your first day as a rookie firefighter on through all the transitional stages of a fire career, there are countless pitfalls to avoid in order to successfully navigate unspoken expectations of the job; this is what makes a mentorship so invaluable. Often times mentorships happen organically with a person you'd never expect, these are … Continue reading Mentorship/PT Training Plans

Public Speaking Engagements

Are you tired of struggling to stay awake during your annual spring meetings? If so, I may be a good fit for your next meeting, conference, workshop, career development day, etc. As someone who has sat through my fair share of dull pre-fire season meetings, I aim to offer presentations that are engaging and simultaneously … Continue reading Public Speaking Engagements