My name is Bre`Orcasitas and I began Vital Balance with the intent of offering valuable services to the fire community. I was an employee of the Forest Service for 11 years and I left with one purpose in mind; to reach the greatest amount of people possible in a profound and impactful way.

My main goal while working for the USFS was to expand my knowledge base as widely as I could so that I would have a better understanding of the big picture.

Here is a snapshot of my career while in the agency:

  • Engine Crewmember
  • IHC Crewmember
  • Rappeller
  • Smokejumper
  • MTDC Heat Stress Study-Field Team Member
  • Limited time in Dispatch
  • Cadre for multiple courses
  • Crewboss/Cadre/Logistics for the apprenticeship program (WFAP)
  • CISM trained
  • Greening Fire Team Member
  • Short-term projects in the Regional Office (R6)
  • Facilitated Learning Analysis (FLA) Team Member
  • Taskforce member for a Critical Incident Forest Plan revision
  • Co-Author of the rewrite for the National Catering Contract *Specifically regarding fireline sack lunches
  • Family Liaison during the 2015 fire season (Twisp River)
  • Author of several briefing papers and the USFS Toolkit resource guide

When pairing my diversified fire/agency experience with the time and energy I’ve put into educating myself on the effects of trauma, I believe it all equates to being uniquely qualified to reach every facet of our fire community in a relatable and effective manner.

I left a job that I love in order to fill the gap and be the person to commit my time and effort to the betterment of our fire family. Let’s get to work!