Emerging​ Incident Liaison Mentorship

If you are involved in a critical incident which includes loss of life and are feeling ill-equipped I am available to mentor the designated Family and/or Firefighter Liaison(s) that may be lacking in experience. I am also available to offer guidance to Forest/District/Region Leadership in the same regard.

The most important component of a critical incident is taking care of the families and the firefighters who’ve been affected as best as you can and in a timely manner. One way to accomplish that goal is by utilizing resources with experience to help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks; especially during such a chaotic and overwhelming time period when tasks are endless and personnel is limited.

Although it’s important to place local resources in the liaison role(s), I can offer assistance remotely, or on-site in order to give a new liaison the confidence to navigate the delicate initial interactions with a family or affected firefighters.