Public Speaking Engagements

Are you tired of struggling to stay awake during your annual spring meetings? If so, I may be a good fit for your next meeting, conference, workshop, career development day, etc. As someone who has sat through my fair share of dull pre-fire season meetings, I aim to offer presentations that are engaging and simultaneously beneficial.

You have the option to tailor the presentation so that the content specifically plays to your agenda, or you could choose an option (or a combination of content) from below.

  • Fire Culture-Who we are and what we’re about. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Critical Incidents and their varying impacts
  • Communication, Perspective Taking, and Transfer of Risk
  • Looking at the arrow instead of what it’s pointing to-Injuries and Fatalities
  • Where is the hazard? Working in an environment with potential
  • What does it look like when aerial resources make a decision for you on the ground? Personal Account
  • No names over the radio makes for a bad day on the fireline; is my friend dead? Personal Account
  • What it’s like walking the line with precious cargo; firefighting while pregnant. Personal account.
  • How to successfully transition into a career as a Wildland Firefighter
  • Unconventional life paths-Finding a purposeful career in the margins of “the norm”