Mentorship/PT Training Plans

From your first day as a rookie firefighter on through all the transitional stages of a fire career, there are countless pitfalls to avoid in order to successfully navigate unspoken expectations of the job; this is what makes a mentorship so invaluable.

Often times mentorships happen organically with a person you’d never expect, these are the best kind! However, when you’re a rookie firefighter you don’t have a network to draw knowledge from and when you’re preparing for rookie rappel or smokejumper training you may not feel comfortable asking for guidance from people in the program that you don’t know; this is where I come in.

  • I began fighting fire through Americorps National Service and made the transition to the US Forest Service.
  • I took the leap from type II to type I firefighting.
  • I spent several years on an Interagency Hotshot Crew and managed to successfully complete the rookie Rappel and Smokejumper training programs.
  • I’ve also been a part of the Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program where I began as an Apprentice then transitioned into Logistics, Crewboss, and Cadre positions

With all of these different experiences, I learned the ins and outs of what will help you and what will sink you before you even walk through the door.

I am more than happy to be of service for those striving to succeed in this dynamic and challenging profession. This service is provided at no cost because mentorship is an act of paying it forward. My hope is that you thrive in your fire career and offer this same assistance to someone seeking guidance further down the road.