Course Instructor

I began instructing NWCG courses because I’d sat through so many incredibly boring fire courses that I thought I would try and make it better, rather than complain. Sure the content can be dry and lack excitement but every course, no matter the content has the ability to be engaging if the instructor puts effort into the delivery.

I take course delivery seriously because if no one is paying attention what is the point of putting on a class? If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone begin instructing a course by saying, “Okay this is going to be painful but I’ll try to fly through it so we can all get out of here” I’d have a lot of dollars. You might as well turn down the lights so folks can take a nap because everyone in the room just mentally checked-out after that declaration.

My commitment when instructing NWCG courses is to teach to the objectives, incorporate tie-ins that benefit the participants, and create an engaging atmosphere. I am available to instruct 100-200 level courses, as well as M-410 and L-380.