Critical Impact Course Condensed Version

Although the full Critical Impact Course gives the most benefit, the condensed version can fit into tighter time slots for fire refreshers, crew/district spring training, cooperator’s meetings, etc. The course can be condensed according to the needs of the audience; some may be interested in a portion of each section while others would prefer to focus on one or two specific sections. A condensed version could be 1-4 hours in duration at the location of your choosing and the content is as follows:


Section 1: The Fire Culture Factor-Shedding light on cultural norms that affect how we respond to a critical incident and learning ways to tweak those norms to our benefit.

Section 2: What a critical incident looks like– This section focuses on what to anticipate as someone directly involved in an incident, how the interview process works, who shows up to an incident and their purpose, etc.

Section 3: First-hand accounts– In order to talk about this subject matter and have it resonate with course participants it must be relatable. There is a serious need to understand just how frequently our folks are impacted by critical incidents, and what it looks/sounds like.

Section 4: Common reactions to an uncommon situation– This section gives an in-depth look at several of the most common reactions to trauma so that participants are capable of identifying signs and symptoms in themselves and others.

Section 5: Physiological Effects and Recalibration– Why can’t people just “get over it?” This section aims to explain the effect that trauma can have on your entire system as well as offering a focused look at treatments and therapies that could help recalibrate a person toward wellness.

Section 6: Pre-treating the Line- Having built a solid foundation of understanding in previous sections, section 6 gives participants the tools and techniques to set themselves up for success. This is how we become proactive rather than reactionary.