Family Liaison Workshop

After having had the experience of stepping into the Family Liaison role I can say that it is easily the most critical position that a person couldĀ ever take on. Because of that reality, it is imperative that no one accepts thisĀ role without being prepared to do so.

Placing someone in the position of Family Liaison without any real concept of the workload, responsibility and the emotional strain involved could prove to be catastrophic. The families of our fallen deserve the best we can offer and that starts with appropriate training for this vitally important position.

This one day workshop can be put on for as many as 40 people. The content will target all the critical components of the family liaison role from the broadest scope down to the finest details.

The purpose of this workshop is to offer information to people who have interest in stepping into this role should the need ever arise. The content provided will give the participants a true understanding of what the position entails and will give a sense of whether this position is something they feel they could handle. Exposing potential liaisons to specifics of the job ahead of time is extremely beneficial for Forest Leadership in regards to a smooth and focused response to a critical incident.