Welcome to the Vital Balance website. This company has one purpose; to work for the greater good of the fire community.

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My Intention

My main focus is to fill the gaps where the greater good is concerned, particularly in relation to the preparedness and education centered around critical incidents.


Critical Impact Course

Critical Impact Course Condensed Content

Family Liaison Workshop

Critical Incident Meeting Facilitation Services

Response Plan Development

Public Speaking Engagements

Course Instructor

Staff Writer 

Emerging Incident Liaison Mentorship

Mentorship/PT Training Plans


Although meeting the need in relation to critical incidents is my main focus, I am committed to filling the gap where there is a need, not solely critical incidents and not strictly within the government. Have a need that isn’t being met? Contact me, I may be a good fit for your project.


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My name is Bre`Orcasitas and I began Vital Balance with the intent of offering valuable services to the fire community. I was an employee of the Forest Service for 11 years and I left with one purpose in mind; to reach the greatest amount of people possible in a profound and impactful way.

My main goal while working for the USFS was to expand my knowledge base as widely as I could so that I would have a better understanding of the big picture.

Here is a snapshot of my career while in the agency:

  • Engine Crewmember
  • IHC Crewmember
  • Rappeller
  • Smokejumper
  • MTDC Heat Stress Study-Field Team Member
  • Limited time in Dispatch
  • Cadre for multiple courses
  • Crewboss/Cadre/Logistics for the apprenticeship program (WFAP)
  • CISM trained
  • Greening Fire Team Member
  • Short-term projects in the Regional Office (R6)
  • Facilitated Learning Analysis (FLA) Team Member
  • Taskforce member for a Critical Incident Forest Plan revision
  • Co-Author of the rewrite for the National Catering Contract *Specifically regarding fireline sack lunches
  • Family Liaison during the 2015 fire season (Twisp River)
  • Author of several briefing papers and the USFS Toolkit resource guide

When pairing my diversified fire/agency experience with the time and energy I’ve put into educating myself on the effects of trauma, I believe it all equates to being uniquely qualified to reach every facet of our fire community in a relatable and effective manner.

I left a job that I love in order to fill the gap and be the person to commit my time and effort to the betterment of our fire family. Let’s get to work!

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